We are offering four different models of profiles divided in two different groups depending of the kind of assembling that our clients are going to do. Profiles of 8mm, for maximum heights of 1000m

Desings and Finishes
We are offering a wide range of designs composed for about thirty different designs now, ten of them in stock. (Express service delivery) Depending of the requirements of the client, we can incorporate new and personalised designs to our program.

Packing and Suppling
The profiles are supplied in practical and safe packing.
The length is cut in the measure that the client demands

051 – 90 Units per box
050 – 45 Units per box
056 – 30 Units per box
061 – 30 Units per box

Your most competitive option
The Pro Kit program from Persitecnic has two different models of slats. Its high level of technical development has given to us the possibility of offering profiles with optimum quality/price relation, keeping of course, all the standards of quality that our clients require.

This program offers all the options that PROTECNIC has available in guides and terminations.

“PRO-Kit”, offers to you:

  • Quality and wide options of design.
  • Short delivery times, Express service.
  • Sets of doors completely assembled.

Designs and Finishes
We offer a wide range of different designs, ten of them in stock, (Express service)
In depending of the needs of the clients, we can incorporate new and personalised designs to our program.

Suppling and Packing
The profiles are supplied in boxes of eight sets.
The lengths are cut in the measure that the client requires.

046/064 – It is supplied in 8 sets (16 doors) of
600 mm of width

Guiding systems
“Conventional & PRO-Kit”
Fitted guiding system - wood

This system is a set of bends of 90º and 180º, which combined with our guiding profiles, let us to offer the ideal guiding system in order to be fitted in a wooden cupboard.
We have all the guiding system in 8mm and in 12mm (blind a 050, 056, 061, 064)
All our guiding systems are made in polyamide PA6 in order to guarantee and improve the sliding of the blind profiles.

All the guiding system is supplied in black colour or graphite. It is possible to incorporate new colours depending of the client demands.

Suppling and Packing
All the guiding elements are supplied individually in boxes of 50 units.

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