16mm white melamine edging, an excellent choice

Melamine edging is an excellent choice for wood or furniture, which makes it durable, and easier to cut as desired. It is easier to control and easily care when cut, and with little accuracy. Additionally, it comes in different colours, textures, and attractive designs, being one of them, 16mm white melamine edging.

One of the most comprehensive solutions for board producers and the furniture sector is PVC 16mm white melamine edging. This is not just because white never goes out of style, but also because white and neuter tones may be used in a variety of settings.

16mm white melamine edging

Moreover, the pure elegance and simplicity of white, which is as close to perfection as a colour can be, cannot be matched. It is a superb choice for a wide variety of projects, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as furniture for the home and workplace. The need for more white edge bands is only growing as more white melamine boards are being used in the construction of tables and closets. Edgebanding guarantees that the melamine board will be protected from everyday nicks and bumps, as well as their endurance over time.

16mm white melamine edging not only provides thickness without tearing the surface, to the melamine piece, but also it protects it and adds visual continuity to the design of the melamine board. Moreover, it is lightweight, easy to handle and to clean. Furthermore, 16mm white melamine edging offers more than just a decorative detail for melamine boards, as it helps to complete the products and serves as a protection for the daily use of furniture pieces.

We have four extrusion lines at Protecnic that run continuously to maintain the consistent flow of work required to make PVC ABS edges. Our customers tell us the colour, finish, and grain they desire, and our staff is on the go, using materials that are standard in the furniture edging industry. In addition to our design library and industry standard measurements, our technical office can supply tailor-made solutions that make PVC ABS edges virtually indistinguishable from melamine board.