Digital printing

With more than 25 years in the furniture industry, we have become a benchmark in the manufacture of PVC and ABS edges in Spain. We incorporated a digital printer into our decoration department with which we can reproduce any melamine design on PVC and ABS edges.

Main assets

 –  We can reproduce any design, fantasies, woods or even your brand trademark.

 – Synchronized style between wood and PVC and ABS edge.

 –  More repetition space in the design.

Cross-reference chart

On our website, we have created a table of equivalences that, through a simple and intuitive process, allows us to find the one that best fits the needs of each client and each specific project.

Find it out on our Cross-reference chart with more than 5,000 references for the main melamine boards manufacturers.

More than 40 surface finishes

More than 6.000 color-matched references