Self-adhesive cover caps

At Protecnic we have been listening carefully to our clients for more than two decades. Discovering what they need and putting on the table the tools capable of giving them the solution. Furniture manufacturers must pay attention to hundreds of details to ensure the quality of all their pieces. And we want to be by your side at all times. Our team puts all its experience in plastic extrusion to create screw covers tailored to each board.

self adeshive screw cover caps
self adeshive screw cover caps

If the manufacture of edges is added to that of screw covers, we expand the range of products that we make available to the furniture industry. Our industrial capacity allows us to manufacture trims that serve as caps for the screws required in the final assembly of the furniture.

We manufacture screw covers with the same melamine design or with the design required by the client, to take care of even the smallest detail. We have the standard diameters of Ø13 and Ø17 but, if you need special measures, contact us so we can advise you on the solution that best fits your project.


The screw covers serve to camouflage the technical details and embellish the furniture. And they follow a manufacturing process similar to that of the edges. The cap covers that remain, thus, microperforated, are die-cut. The adhesive is then incorporated to make it easier for customers to finalize their products in-house. We want to make their lives easier thanks to our products.

By using the knowledge in colorimetry and designs of our office, we achieve that the screw covers faithfully reflect the design of each of the different melamine boards. It is the perfect complement to the manufacture of edges, with the same philosophy of customer service vocation.

self adhesive screw cover caps
self adeshive screw cover caps

Screw caps

At Protecnic we are up-to-date with all the news from board manufacturers and market trends, so we constantly innovate in terms of colours, textures and designs. To have available exactly what our customers need. And develop new solutions as previously unheard-of needs arise. At our cross-reference chart you can find what you are looking for among more than 5,000 references.