Edgebanding PVC/ABS

For the furniture industry the edges do not only offer decoration. They are a barrier against scratches and dampness that protects the melamine board and blends in with it, to generate a continuous and fluid image of the piece, faithfully reflecting its color, design and texture. Our PVC ABS edges are a good proof of this.

With more than 25 years in the sector, at Protecnic we have reached a level of excellence in the manufacture of this product. Our facilities work continuously with advanced plastic extrusion technologies, which are born from our experience and technical expertise.

PVC ABS edges are the counter-typing standards of the furniture industry and at Protecnic we have a technical office, with a team specialized in colorimetry and designs, capable of replicating and creating any finish from scratch.

rollo canto de PVC/ABS diseños textiles
canto de PVC/ABS diferentes diseños madera para melamina

Melamine boards

This ability to customize each project in detail is one of the qualities that define Protecnic's work. We have a sample of more than 5,000 references that do not stop growing and enriching themselves with new designs, month by month.

We work with the main manufacturers of melamine pieces and our solutions have evolved hand in hand with the sector, providing what our clients need when they need them.


At our facilities in Castalla (Alicante) we have four extrusion lines that work continuously to maintain the constant flow of work required to manufacture PVC ABS edges.

Using materials that are standard in the furniture edging industry, our customers tell us the color, finish, and grain they want, and our team is on the move. In addition to our design catalog and the usual measures in the industry, our technical office is able to provide tailor-made solutions, making PVC ABS edges practically indistinguishable from melamine board.

rollo cantos PVC DUO efecto cristal
rollos canto de PVC/ABS maderas y unicolores

Laminated rigid PVC

Once the manufacturing process is finished, a primer or adhesive especially suitable for hot melt glues used by edgebanders used by furniture manufacturers.

Our plastic extrusion systems create edges that fit the requirements of companies around the world, from Spain and Portugal, through North and East Europe, North Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Edging for furniture

On our website, we have created a table of equivalences that, through a simple and intuitive process, allows us to find the one that best fits the needs of each client and each specific project.

Find it out on our Cross-reference chart with more than 5,000 references for the main melamine boards manufacturers.

More than 40 surface finishes

More than 5.000 color-matched references