The possibilities of plastic extrusion are practically limitless. Straight edges for melamine boards are perhaps the best known products, but there are many others. And in our industrial warehouses in Castalla (Alicante) we have the machinery and the technical staff necessary to create a wide range of solutions. The flexible edge is one of them, an edge that adapts to the silhouette and the wavy profiles of the pieces of furniture.

GALERIA 03-canto-flexible


The flexible edge is a built-in edge, that is, it fits into the furniture and is fixed by its own design. Manufactured in PBC with different hardnesses and thicknesses, it is thought to adapt to complex shapes.

Our advanced systems allow us to combine materials in the same profile, thus enhancing the adaptability of all our solutions. To tackle this type of project we have a competitive advantage: our engineering team, responsible for all our die-making projects. Our machining centers allow us to create precise tools for the manufacture of all types of flexible edges.


Profiles and extrusions

The Protecnic program has a very wide range of finishes, capable of generating the specific designs that our clients require. In addition to a wide range of veins, we also have surface pores.

Manufactured in PVC

To create these special profiles, we have a technical office, made up of experienced personnel, capable of finding the answer that the client is looking for when faced with a certain technical challenge.

Faced with a new challenge, our team designs a new flexible edge, a wavy profile that fits into the furniture, thus providing solidity and resistance to the ends of the piece for environments of intense and continuous use.


Adaptation to any shape

With a high level of customization and design we have a wide range of design adapting to the needs of customers in the furniture industry who constantly innovate in terms of products and designs. And at Protecnic we work every day hand in hand with the sector to create efficient solutions that provide durability and quality to the final finish of your pieces. Working together, we bring innovation to the market.