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At PROTECNIC we have been developing different products for the furniture industry for more than 25 years, serving to support melamine board manufacturers and the sector as a whole. Discover our own manufactured products

Edgebanding PVC/ABS

Laser Edgebanding

Self-adhesive cover caps


Canto flexible


Tambour doors

Profiles and extrusions


Icono canto para tableros de melamina

Edgebands for melamine boards

At PROTECNIC we are industrial specialists in plastic extrusion. Our long history supports us, as well as the precision and customization of all our projects. We have more than 5,000 references of edge designs for melamine boards, which fit millimetrically with the main manufacturers in the market. We constantly innovate and create new designs every week.

Cantos PVC y ABS para tableros de melamina

We have extensive development of designs for the main melamine brands. Find the design you need in our Cross-reference chart or you can contact us with our sales agents.

The edges of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) are the sectoral standards at national, European and international level. Its qualities, resistance and ability to adapt to all types of melamine boards make these two types of edges essential for the furniture industry.

Icono canto para tableros de melamina
Tambour doors

Blinds are another of the products that we can shape at Protecnic for later use in the configuration of cabinets and storage solutions. All our production is concentrated in our three industrial warehouses located in the Castalla Industrial Park (Alicante) that serve orders from 20 countries. These house the Technical Office, the Extrusion Plant and the Strapping Plant.

Plastic extrusion

Our four extrusion lines operate 24 hours a day, six days a week, in three eight-hour shifts. Protecnic's human team and industrial facilities allow us to manufacture 100 million linear meters of edges for melamine boards and adjust each meter of an order to the specific needs, colors, designs and textures required by the client.

Icono canto para tableros de melamina

In recent years the consumption of edges and technical profiles has grown in different sectors and our clients have evolved into increasingly diverse sectors. Advances in panel materials make it possible to use these materials in furniture for all rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms and profiles in uses such as any curved furniture, which needs cushioning and even in the camperization of vehicles. The material used for the manufacture of flexible edge is a special PVC, with different hardnesses, which broadens the range of options, both flexible and semi-rigid, that can be created from our industrial capacity.

Furniture industry – Melamine panel sector

Industrial design and the furniture sector has an ally in our experienced engineering team, responsible for the die-making workshop that, thanks to agile methodologies and advanced machinery, allows us to create custom molds for plastic injection and tools for plastic extrusion. . We advise designers and companies on the tools they need to turn their projects into reality. Some of the industrial design professionals with whom we have collaborated closely are Marcelo Alegre y Javier Cuñado.


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At Protecnic we do not stop, we are always innovating and thinking about how to improve our products. In our news section you will find the news of the company.