TNK Flex, tooling and molds are keys for the project

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TNK Flex is an operational and directional chair that adapts to the morphology and movement of the human body by adjusting the backrest and seat to the user. Designed by Marcelo Alegre for Actiu, a specialist in office chairs, TNK Flex has been an evolution in ergonomic design and that the technology applied to this chair is based on support and a fully adaptable backrest.

Our relationship with Actiu and the manufacture of its products goes a long way since it is a company that relies on our experience in engineering projects. Our tooling and mold solutions have been the key to the manufacture of TNK Flex. For our ability to adapt millimetrically to the requirements of our clients and provide them with precisely the tools they need in their industrial processes.

The design of Alegre Design brings together the characteristics of an excellent task chair. Adjustable, with good lumbar support, a high backrest to give the back the necessary rest and a sufficiently wide seat. In addition, its main characteristic is the ability to anticipate and adapt to the user's movement. Specifically, the TNK Flex provides two great news: lift and haptic interaction with the user.

This precision in the design required precise engineering solutions, taken care of all the detaisl for a high quality product. The experience of our team in tooling and molds has resulted in a manufacturing height of the design. For this reason, large companies like Actiu rely on the know-how of our team. At Protecnic we always work side by side with the client to provide the exact solution.

One of the innovations of TNK Flex is the haptic interaction of a chair, the sensory perception received through contact that occurs in any part of the human body, linked to movement. For its part, the support is based on the seat, which has been designed with a technology similar to that used in truck cabs: a suspended seat that provides a sensation of weightlessness and adapts to the user.

Reflecting the revolution it has brought about in ergonomic design, the TNK Flex was recognized with the German Design Award 2018, one of the great benchmark awards in the office chair sector. And we are proud that our experience in tooling and molds has contributed to shaping this great product.

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