Mould tooling

We are specialists in engineering solutions for the furniture industry. Manufacturers propose their designs and from Protecnic we provide them with the tooling they require for their special projects. We design and create the molds you need to generate plastic injection structures, whether they are small parts or complete furniture.

Servicios de Ingenieria

Ofrecemos un servicio de ingeniería único en el mercado del mueble. Con más de 30 años dedicados a la fabricación de moldes y utillajes para algunos de los clientes más exigentes del sector. 

Protecnic ha formado parte de los proyectos más premiados y vanguardistas, como 

Mould services

Our technical engineering office has a long history supporting various furniture manufacturers. Our advanced machining centers allow each mold to be worked millimetrically to achieve the result that our customers expect. These tooling solutions save our customers time and money as they guarantee an optimal result, thanks to the fact that our team accompanies them step by step throughout the process.



Protecnic's tooling experts work with each brand's industrial design specialists, whether they are external designers or members of the team itself. From the first ideas, to the later prototypes, through the testing period and the final parts. The layout and design work is carried out with high-performance software 3D-CAD-CAM.


Our technical department makes plans, 3D files and all the necessary resources using state-of-the-art software. Offering the part design service with the maximum demand and geometric precision required by our clients. For this purpose, our tooling department uses machining centers that work by numerical control.

Our systems for the manufacture of matrices work in continuous execution mode, from the beginning to the end of the piece itself. Our engineers program all the processes to the millimeter, designing a coordinate plan for positioning the parts of the mechanism to generate the final mold.

in mould making


Depending on the requested part and its manufacturing process, we are able to develop the tools that are required to carry out its manufacture either through the injection process or the extrusion process.


En el ámbito de las soluciones para el sector de la extrusión de plástico, a la experiencia del equipo de ingeniería sumamos más de 30 años de trayectoria innovando como especialistas en la fabricación de cantos para tableros de melamina y otras soluciones para la industria del mueble.

Mould construction

Once the tooling has been developed, we have injection and extrusion lines equipped with the latest technologies that ensure the correct manufacture of the products, as well as their quality, guaranteeing that the final products meet the specifications of our customers.