Dida, the alliance between engineering and industrial design

Dida is the chair of the new education. A piece of furniture that is already reaching international awards such as the European Product Design Award. Dida results from the alliance between engineering and industrial design and it is the result of the close collaboration of our team with the designer Marcelo Alegre and school furniture manufactures, FG

DIDA reflects the way of working of our moulding department: we listen to our customers and we put all our technical knowledge at the service of what they need to achieve an homologated and optimal result.

In this case, it was about creating a chair for intensive use for educational spaces, where materials and design ensure comfort and durability.

The design of Alegre Design proposes a 360º chair, robust and comfortable in any sitting position, front, side or back. And that provides the dynamism and versatility required by spaces oriented to the new, more dynamic and collaborative education.


Our work consisted of creating the necessary molds to ensure an accurate and simple manufacture of a chair that go further in the field of plastic injection. The combination of engineering and industrial design in this project resulted in an unprecedented geometry in the market, of variable thickness, which ensures the resistance of the final product.

The work of the engineers and specialists of our moulding department, side by side with the Alegre Design team, was to create the necessary solutions to optimize the final result to the maximum. Thus, the chair combines slimmer areas, which provide it lightness, and other thicker areas, which favor its use over a long time.

The result is an elegant and resistant piece, which has been included in the Aula del Futuro project of the Ministry of Education, and which has passed all quality controls within the framework of a process in which our entire team joins forces to ensure a good delivery times and a result that optimizes the subsequent manufacture of the differents chair parts.

That is why our clients trust us because they know our experience and that our team leaves nothing to chance.

Decide to engineering and industrial design is the formula to which more and more companies, from the furniture sector, but also from others, turn to innovate and continue advancing with a view to the future. And at Protecnic we have the necessary human and technical team to achieve the best result.