Albert of Kassani, a mould and tooling project for plastic injection

Kassani , a Colombian company with over 35 years providing integral solutions to educational and office spaces through products and services that are born from research, design and engineering. In this sense, they have trusted Protecnic to produce their new chair, Albert, for which we have developed precise tooling solutions for plastic injection.

This chair is the result of an intense collaboration process between Kassani, the design studio Alegre Design and our technical team to adjust all the details to the high productivity standards of the brand and the strict technical requirements of the Colombian National Learning Service (SENA)

The entire industrial and technological development process has passed an exhaustive quality controls to respond the initial approach: to improve learning spaces. Albert is part of a category of furniture called to promote active learning methodologies, which benefit the wellness of students and teachers.

With Albert, which is named for the scientist Albert Einstein, we have put all our experience and our technical knowledge related to plastic injection molding. A material especially indicated for this type of piece for its flexibility, which allows the variation of posture, comfort and health. The textures and colors contribute the well-being of the user.

Efficiency and competitiveness in the manufacturing processes were two of the premises of this project, one of the more recent international initiatives we have worked. Due to its materials, design and engineering, Albert is a milestone in the Latin American market for educational furniture.

The design, and development of this range of chairs requires a minimum of components that can be combined with each other and, on the other hand, of variable molds that, with few changes, can produce chairs of different dimensions. Specifically, Albert is available in three sizes, to be able to go with students throughout their educational life, regardless of their level, age and height.

These measures do not only meet the requirements of the Colombian SENA, but also comply with international regulations regarding chairs for learning spaces. In this sense, our plastic injection tooling solutions must respond to all these needs and do it simply and accurately.

By defining full-scale prototypes, it was possible deal with these matters and to set the deatila of each project stage. The result of this Project is a robust, light and resistant chair at the same time. Our job is to make easier our clients work, providing them with the right tools.