Tambour doors

Taking advantage of and saving storage space is possible thanks to our blind systems for wardrobes. Applying all the technical knowledge and industrial capacity of our plastic extrusion systems, from Protecnic we can shape sliding shutters that function as doors and closings.

Icono canto para tableros de melamina

The procedure for manufacturing blinds follows similar patterns to that of technical profiles, since three slats are produced connected by the center with a rubber, which is what provides continuous movement towards the interior of the wardrobe. This design is achieved through a second extrusion procedure, which allows other materials to be incorporated into the original profile.

persianas para muebles oficina y tableros de melamina

Space saving

When the folding doors of a closet take up too much space, opting for sliding solutions such as our blinds allows you to maximize the storage capacity. Whether at home or at the office. Thus, greater space savings are achieved and the cabinets are better integrated into their environment.

Specialty tambours doors

At Protecnic, we have four different profile models, divided into two groups depending on the type of mounting desired. The guide can be fitted if the furniture is made of wood or, on the surface, when the furniture is made of metal. The profiles are indicated in 8 millimeters for maximum heights of shutters and cabinets of one meter. When that maximum height is two meters, profiles of about 12 millimeters are recommended.

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Icono canto para tableros de melamina
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Home solutions

Our customers from the furniture industry can select one of the models from our catalog of blinds or we can design a specific profile that fits their needs. The embedded guide for wooden cabinets encompasses a set of 90º and 180º curves that, combined with our guide profiles, allow us to offer the ideal guide system for these compositions. It is available in both 8mm (shutter 051) and 12mm (shutters 050, 056, 061, 064).

Solutions in the office

All systems are made of polyamide PA6, to guarantee and improve the sliding of the set of shutter profiles and ensure the durability of the entire set. Something especially indicated in environments of intense use such as offices. The entire guidance system is available in black or graphite, but additional shades can be chosen at the request of our customers.