Laser Edgebanding

Contratyping melamine boards by combining these systems with the laser edge that we generate through plastic extrusion technology makes the joint between the board and the edge disappear, making the board and the edge appear to be one. single piece.

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PVC/ABS canto láser sin juntas para tableros de melamina

Canto sin juntas visibles

The laser edge provides visual continuity in all the elements of the piece of furniture, with a perfect execution, tailored to the exact measure of each project. Protecnic's laser edge family includes an ideal edge for each order, which adapts to the designs of the main melamine board manufacturers.

Some of the special properties of laser edging are its resistance, tightness and durability. Some features that ensure that the song will survive with an excellent note over time.

Icono canto para tableros de melamina

Edgebands without glue

At Protecnic we are specialists in responding to the special needs of our clients. Our edgebanding range supports your work with customized solutions, proven quality and precise execution.

In Protecnic's laser edging, a special glue is used that acquires the specific color of the design and dissolves, penetrating the functional layer of the board. This is how a seamless unity is achieved, between the melamine and the edge in question.

This special joining system better withstands shocks and better isolates the board from external conditions.

Icono canto para tableros de melamina

Laser technology

Laser technology provides added value to the aesthetics of furniture, one of the aspects that our clients in the furniture industry take care of the most. The entire piece achieves greater visual continuity and is better isolated from outside humidity, something especially indicated in the case of kitchen and bathroom furniture. In addition, a better grip of the laser edge is thus achieved, since it does not diminish when heat is applied.

Icono canto para tableros de melamina

Canto láser para muebles

These special qualities of resistance and durability will ensure that the edge maintains all its properties as if it were the first day. This technology enables our clients to achieve the city aesthetics and technical precision they want for their furniture pieces.