Discover the advantages of progressive die stamping in tooling

Progressive die stamping allows the generation of a large volume of tooling parts and preserving a competitive cost, an essential quality in the case of industrial design and product development engineering projects.

Using this advanced technique, which our tooling workshop has applied for years, the pieces go through a continuous line of processes - hence the name 'progressive' - until the final product is achieved.

This technique is especially indicated for solutions required by industries such as construction, furniture and fittings, sectors that require a guarantee of professionalism from the point of view of industrial design engineering and product development.

Our own production systems allow us to ensure the quality and correct operation of each die. To this end, we apply high standards of durability and precision.

In addition, we have a very experienced technical team, capable of adjusting to all the indications of our clients, collaborating closely with their internal or external design and engineering team. All kinds of essential tools in the production processes of our clients come out of our industrial facilities in Castalla (Alicante).

Some of the products to which we have recently contributed our experience in die solutions include Dida by Federico Giner, Albert by Kassani and TNK Flex By Actiu.

At Protecnic, we have been working for 25 years serving clients who trust the professionalism of our team and the quality of the solutions we provide to their industrial processes.

In addition to tooling, another of our specialties is the extrusion of plastic to shape products that help protect all kinds of pieces of furniture from the friction of daily life and from inclement weather.

More than 5,000 references in PVC ABS edges are added to the rest of the manufacturing products such as flexible edges, technical profiles, tambour doors and other special solutions to make up our sample book. We collaborate with the main manufacturers of boards in the sector to guarantee that our products fit with all the novelties that they bring to the market.