Elements to make a piece of furniture. Don't forget the trims to cover screws

The furniture industry uses various materials to manufacture the pieces and they choose these materials depending on what their use will be. The maintenance that the furniture will receive and, in most cases, its price depends on the choice of material. The melamine board, the edges or the trim to cover screws are some of these elements.

At Protecnic, thanks to our years of experience and the close relationship with our clients in the furniture sector, we know that the manufacturing material par excellence is melamine, so the first element to take into account when manufacturing a piece of furniture It is the melamine board, followed by the edges and the trim to cover screws.

De todos los elementos para fabricar un mueble hoy te hablamos de los embellecedores para tapar tornillos.

Melamine boards

Melamine board is the main material for furniture manufacturing. Melamine-coated wood is the material chosen by the vast majority of industries in the furniture sector. Some of the advantages of this material are:

  • Melamine is a very resistant material against external agents such as humidity or erosion. It is also waterproof.
  • These are very economical pieces of furniture, with a very profitable quality-price ratio.
  • Melamine maintenance is simple.
  • This material offers countless designs and colors.


When making furniture with melamine, it is essential to keep in mind that the edges are left unprotected. For this reason, to create furniture made of this material, edges or edgebanding are needed. This part of the process is where Protecnic appears. With our extrusion equipment we have been designing and manufacturing ABS PVC edges for the furniture industry for more than 25 years. The edges do not only fulfill an aesthetic function, but are a barrier against moisture and scratches. They protect the melamine board and blend in with it, imitating an identical color and texture.

Screw cover cups

In addition to the edges, another of the solutions that we at Protecnic provide to the furniture industry are screw covers. Our facilities allow us to manufacture these trims that serve to cover screws in the final assembly process of the piece of furniture. In the same way as the edgebands, the trims to cover screws have the same design as the melamine board. Its manufacture is similar to that of the edges.