Fantasy trends 2021, for home furniture

Every season the furniture industry reinvent itself, as well as the fashion industry make the trend every year. The decoration and furniture for home also presents their news.

Although minimalism and white are still in trend this season, the fantasies and textures invade our home to create exclusive environments. These new textures come with a style inspired by nature. Beige or gray tones in home furniture combined with textiles and decorative papers with natural motifs.

From Protecnic we bring you 3 other trends in home furniture that we have taken into account in our latest projects:


We have been using this type of finish for the interior of the closets for many years, but more and more it is used to give that unique touch to the dressing rooms, and not only on the inside of the drawers. Adding textile design creates the feeling of warmth that a dressing room or bedroom requires.


Looking for minimalism and neutral tones a few years ago a new trend was presented in homes, the industrial style. We can see its fullness with the application of materials that simulate gray concrete, creating a contrast between the rigidity that concrete transmits and the warmth and tranquility that neutral tones provide.


Marble is the most desided stone in kitchens, but today this finish has been extended to many parts of the house. Melanin boards offer us the possibility of reducing costs for large surfaces such as countertops or transporting a finish similar to marble to the living room or bathroom furniture with all the advantages of this type of material.

At Protecnic we have a wide catalog of edges for all these fancy finishes. Innovating together we create dreamy environments. tabla de equivalencias. Innovando juntos creamos ambientes de ensueño.