Four advantages of edging wood with quality PVC

Furniture manufacturers spend a great deal of time and effort in conceiving, designing and producing durable, quality furniture pieces that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. To do this, it is essential that they rely on established suppliers to provide them with the essential elements they need to shape their final products.

From fittings to panels, including edgebanding, which is our speciality, all these elements are necessary to ensure the excellence of the final result. At Protecnic, we have been manufacturing plastic extrusion solutions for over 25 years and are well aware of the benefits of edging wood with proven quality PVC:

4 ventajas de cantear maderas con PVC de calidad

1. Protection: the edgeband insulates the furniture from temperature changes and the effect of humidity

2. Resistance: it protects the edges of the boards from the usual knocks and friction in spaces of continuous use.

3. Durability: combining materials and advanced plastic extrusion processes ensures the durability of each piece.

4. Homegeneity: by edging wood with PVC that emulates the original design of the board, the visual continuity of the furniture is achieved.

5. Convenience: Protecnic has been updating and perfecting our plastic extrusion techniques and technologies for decades. This allows panel manufacturers to focus on their work, safe in the knowledge that the solutions used to complete their pieces will meet the highest quality standards.

In the cross-reference chart on our website, you can consult our more than 6,000 references identical to the board models of the main manufacturers in the sector. If you would prefer us to send you a free sample of the Protecnic catalogue directly, ask us for it through our online form.

This list of references continues to grow, week by week, month by month, with new designs and colours, in line with the new products that manufacturers bring to the market, thanks to our team of specialists in colourimetry and plastic extrusion

The flexibility of our production systems, which are framed in our industrial facilities in Castalla (Alicante) allow us to adapt to what the furniture industry companies require in terms of colours but also in terms of sizes and thicknessesWe can customise any order, but we also know in detail the most common needs of our customers.