Melamine wood, pros and cons

When shelving bathrooms or kitchens, there are several possible wood option available, however if you are on a thight budget, melamine wood might be the best solution you could search of, as it is at the same time a low-cost and long-lasting alternative to solid wood that also looks genuine.

Melamine’s use and appeal in the market have been on the rise, and its construction quality has improved a lot. Besides, melamine has a versatile appearance, making it able to adapt to any décor. By putting a laminate on the exterior surface of melamine, any interior design can be complemented. Between melamine’s features are that it is moisture-resistant and warp-proof, which makes it a viable alternative solution specially in kitchen and bathroom décor.

hombre enseñando madera de melamina

As other products, melamine wood has its pros and cons. Between his benefits, there are that it is durable, as it is long-lasting, stain resistant and scratch-resistant, and that it is also lightweight. Furthermore, melamine boards are fire-proof, heat-resistant, renewable and low-maintenance, and also offer different design styles as it comes in a variety of textures and genuine wood grains. Usually, melamine can be available in a wide range of forms and colours, owing to its paper and resin finish, frequently coming in plain colours or several tones of synthetic wood patterns. It is also a low-cost solution, and not because of it sacrifices durability or quality.

Nevertheless, it also has some downsides, as the underlying particle board may deform if it is saturated by water, even though melamine itself is waterproof. Apart from that it can also be chipped, if damaged on the installation causing damage in the particle board substrate, resulting in the melamine wood veneer to chip. Further to this, the last important disadvantage is that edges may show imperfections, as they are often unfinished, which reinforces the need for covering them with edge banding.

If looking for edge banding, at Protecnic we have several years of experience dedicated to plastic extrusion processes which result in PCV and ABS edge banding. What’s more, we also offer customized solutions for each client and project. We have more than 5,000 references of edge designs for melamine boards, which fit millimetrically with the main manufacturers in the market, nevertheless week by week, we are constantly innovating and creating new designs.