Metallic or metallic efect screw cap covers

When making a piece of furniture, it is inevitable that the head of the screw is visible on the surface of the material, leaving an unsightly mark on the piece and detracting from the overall appearance of the furniture. To avoid this situation, and to ensure that the furniture shines in all its splendour with an even surface, even if the furniture has a metallic design, it is best to use metallic screw cap covers or screw cap covers with a similar design to the table top, also known as screw trims.

Specifically, the trims act as plugs on the different screws that are used during the final configuration process of each piece of furniture. They are adhesive plugs of different colours, textures and diameters that cover the visible screws of the furniture.

In the case of metal furniture, metal screw cap covers should be chosen. However, these types of trims, although they provide an impeccable aesthetic to the furniture, are complex to manufacture and install and tend to lose their aesthetic qualities over time. For this reason, at Protecnic we recommend using metallic effect screw cap covers.


Thanks to our advanced plastic extrusion systems, the metallic effect finish of the screw cap covers is indistinguishable from that of the furniture and the metallic screw cap covers. Customers demand trims that blend in with the aesthetics of the board and, with our experience, we adjust our designs and textures to each finish they request. In the case of requesting metallic screw cap covers, we adapt the metallic effect to achieve the exact aesthetics.

With our more than 5,000 references of counter-typed designs and more than 40 textures, we are able to reproduce any design. You can consult our free sample book for all our solutions thanks to plastic extrusion. If you require screw cap covers of a diameter other than the standard ones (Ø13 and Ø17), we will be pleased to help you and to personalise your order as much as possible.

At Protecnic we keep abreast of all the latest developments from board manufacturers and trends in the furniture industry, so we are constantly innovating in terms of colours, textures and designs. In order to have available exactly what our customers need.