Edgebanding solutions for the new Finsa catalogue

Our more than 25 years of experience in the field of plastic extrusion have given us many things: confidence relationships with our clients, extensive knowledge of the furniture sector, advanced machinery, a specialized human team and a sample book whose options are counted by thousands and they don't stop growing every day.

We constantly work to provide our clients in the furniture sector with everything they need to be able to complete their furniture pieces and achieve the best results. Therefore, we like to work with foresight. We stay ahead of trends, market developments and the needs of the companies that trust us.

We maintain a constant relationship with the main manufacturers of melamine boards and we can have, the catalogues that they plan to launch on the market to be able to advance, adjust our sample book and achieve textures, finishes and designs that match with the boards. And so it has been with the latest Finsa collection.

Our team specialized in plastic extrusion has got back to work and has managed to adjust our PVC ABS edgebandsWe now have everything ready to achieve solutions that are matching from the original design and that give the final piece of furniture a homogeneous and quality image.

We prepare each project and each order to measure. We listen to our clients and apply technology, common sense, experience and professionalism to find the solution that best meets their needs. There are no two identical companies or two identical orders. And, in that sense, it is essential to know all the options offered by plastic extrusion to find the best solution.

Our way of working ensures customization and the final finish to suit each client, despite countertyping a single collection we can make several designs from the same board, that is why in our cross-reference chart it is normal to find several options for a particular board. We have more than 40 textures, dozens of rollers and we can decorate any design to achieve that aspect that our clients want in their projects. From unicolors to fantasies such as linen, stone, marble or cement and wood with any grain, achieving that unique effect. Also the ultra-matte ones so on-trend, any design can have that ultra-matte look from a unicolor to a wood, the options are endless.

We work together with clients, suppliers and industry specialists to achieve perfect results.

furniture by finsa
Furniture with red clay design by Finsa: Equivalence Protecnic ROJO 93