Lacquered edgeband and white melamine, an efficient and versatile option

edgeband for lacquer paint furniture

Melamine boards are a strength in the furniture industry for all types of work: from tables to cabinets and cladding, through other solutions. Manufacturers go for all kinds of designs, but there is no doubt that white melamine is still one of the most popular options.

Sometimes, it is convenient to have a neutral canvas on which to later materialize the final finish and, for this reason, our plastic extrusion technology allows us to generate orders for lacquerable edges, designed and manufactured to achieve a more perfect surface with lower consumption. of lacquer This technique is widely used in the furniture sector to finish doors or shelves that look for that effect of a single piece but with different materials or impossible shapes. 

white melamine

Our team are specialist in knows how to identify, develop and manufacture the type of paintable edge that best suits each project. The needs of a white melamine board in MDF are not the same as in chipboard. These are two different supports. And so, the first requires a less dense lacquerable edge and the second, a heavier one. Our clients know that we can manufacture any type of edge that is needed to achieve that finished perfect.

Although we can manufacture the edge to suit the client and each client is different, there are some common qualities that all lacquerable edges need: a surface as closed as possible and good adherence with the usual lacquers that the sector uses in white melamine boards. Thus, the best possible finish is achieved using a minimum of lacquer.

Our more than two decades of experience in the manufacture of PVC / ABS edges allow us to quickly know the solution that each client requires at all times and, thanks to the human team and the advanced ones that we have in our facilities, provide you with the tools you require his work and his pieces of furniture.

In the case of white melamine boards, having the advantages of a lacquered edge gives the manufacturer a greater capacity to adapt the needs of the market and the requests of its customers. And configure different products, in different shades, each time it is necessary.

This ability is increasingly convenient in our sector that are in constant evolution. And it brings greater resilience to companies, which can this better serve their customers.

pareja eligiendo color muebles melamina