Protecnic appears in the media, new visit to Kronospan

This is not the first time that Protecnic has appeared in the media, but whenever we do, we can't help but feel proud knowing that we are doing things right. On this occasion the media have echoed one of our latest news, Kronospan invited us to its most recent inaugurations, the new industrial plant in Tortosa and its new Design Center in Barcelona.

If we keep track of what they say about Protecnic in the media, this 2024 begins by documenting the last visit that took place with our colleagues from Kronospan. The media described Protecnic's flagship product, the PVC and ABS edging, as follows  

"PVC and ABS edging are two key products for the furniture industry.

This type of product is highly resistant and adaptable to be integrated into melamine boards. In Spain, Protecnic is a leading company in the manufacture of these elements. Today, this company has more than 6,000 references. In addition, its professional team creates new designs every week.

Protecnic highlights that they are lucky enough to collaborate with different companies, such as board manufacturers, furniture manufacturers and distributors who trust them to perfect their finishes and offer a quality product. One of these allies is Kronospan, which has recently opened new facilities".

At Protecnic we have been strengthening our relationship with board manufacturers for some time now. We develop the latest designs as soon as they come out in order to offer a fast and quality service.  

We are able to reproduce any board design on PVC and ABS edgebanding in a matter of days, and once the design is accepted by the customer, we have the production ready to ship within a few weeks. All the manufacturing and decoration process is our own, thanks to this we can offer a product with a high level of customization.