PVC edging, a benchmark for the furniture industry

Because of its qualities and advantages, PVC edgebanding has become a benchmark for the furniture industry and an indispensable solution for its manufacturers. Its advantages are numerous in terms of strength and durability.

PVC edging protects the furniture and guarantees its quality thanks to the characteristics of its raw materials and the industrial plastic extrusion processes used to produce the final product.


Canteado PVC



PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is based on a chemical composition combining carbon, hydrogen and chlorine. It is a material that has evolved a lot in a short period of time. At Protecnic we have been listening to our customers for more than 25 years, constantly researching and innovating to take advantage of the characteristics of PVC edging.


Their advantages are many and varied. They provide thermal insulation, thus protecting the piece of furniture from outside conditions, whether heat or humidity. They also improve the resistance of the MDF or chipboard to possible knocks and wear and tear caused by the use.

It is also a lightweight material that is completely harmless to health.


ABS PVC edging is as versatile as the melamine boards in which it is integrated and which are used for work tables, shelving and cupboards, among other pieces of furniture. For each board and each design, there is a PVC edging solution that blends in with the furniture and provides visual continuity. As if it were a compact piece.

In addition, PVC has been expanding its range of applications and is also used in a variety of applications in the construction, automotive and electronics industries.


The manufacture of our special PVC edging solutions for the furniture industry uses advanced plastic extrusion machinery and systems. Our lines work uninterruptedly adjusting colours, textures and designs to each model of board brought to the market by the main furniture manufacturers.

We have a sample list of more than 5,000 references that is constantly growing, in line with the needs of the market.

Environmental impact

Sustainability in business has long since ceased to be an option and has become a social commitment, a duty to customers and society.

In that sense, in our industrial processes, the environmental impact of plastic extrusion has been taken care of to the maximum in order to limit both the generation of waste and energy consumption, thus optimising our operations and contributing to the competitiveness of our products.