An edgebander needs the best raw material

The companies with which we work are specialists in the design, manufacture and assembly of furniture. They look for quality in each of their processes and also require suppliers with extensive experience. In the same way that they need wheels and furniture fittings, it is also necessary for each edge banding machine to have the ideal solutions to complete their melamine boards.

At Protenic we have been working for more than 25 years to provide each client with exactly what they need. Our products include technical profiles and extrusions, laser edgebands, T-molding flexible edges, screw covers cups, tambour doors and, of course, PVC ABS edgebands that are benchmarks in the sector. We are specialists in plastic extrusion, we work with plastic in different ways to achieve a wide variety of products, all of them customized for the use of each client.

From our industrial facilities in Castalla (Alicante) we make sure that each edgebander of our clients always has the best raw materials they require for a good work. Our five plastic extrusion lines work uninterruptedly from Sunday night to Friday afternoon, in a continuous production system that allows us to ensure the highest quality of our solutions.

Our results speak for themselves and the trust that our clients place in us, year after year, does too. The impeccable and lasting solutions that we provide to the furniture manufacturers with whom we collaborate are the result of several factors: more than two decades of experience, advanced and rigorous technologies and a highly specialized team committed to the quality of the final product. Let's not stop innovating to achieve the best result, we are constant, committed and efficient.

We have a sample book with more than 5,000 references, which continues to grow week after week, it is proof that the search for quality, continuous improvement and the needs of our customers guide our day by day. When an edgebander receives quality solutions, it shows. We contribute to a perfect finish.

This machine requires durable edges, whose design blends precisely with the melamine board finish and is perfectly fixed to create a final product in which quality is the protagonist. A product that is resistant, agile and functional, with innovation and customization leading the way, we can say that our product is the best solution for an edgebander. And at Protecnic we make sure that, in plastic extrusion material, the result is optimal.

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