Tambour doors are an excellent choice for cupboarts of all types

Storage solutions are essential in practically all companies and establishments. And the choice of where to place them is based on space, mobility and functionality. But if space is at a premium, a tambour door is the best option for storage cupboards. They are efficient, practical and resistant.

At Protecnic, we apply all our experience in the production of technical profiles to each tambour door thanks to our specialised plastic extrusion technologies and processes.

But, specifically, how are they manufactured? In our industrial facilities in Castalla we have everything necessary to create these doors from three slats connected in the centre thanks to a rubber that favours the movement of the whole piece, once installed in the cabinet.

The final part is produced by a second extrusion, which allows new materials to be incorporated into the original profile. This results in a flexible solution,particularly suitable for metal enclosures, but also for enclosures made of other materials.


This type of door folds inwards from the side of the cupboard. This provides both safety of movement for all users of the room and greater manoeuvrability. In other words, when the cupboard is open, there is no chance of anyone tripping or bumping into a tambour door, because it does not protrude from the cupboard.

In addition, this also makes it easier to place the cabinet in any area within the company, warehouse or shop, even in a corner, as there is no need to leave free space around the cabinet for opening doors.

Moreover, a tambour door is made of highly resistant materials to the passage of time and daily use, which guarantees the durability of these solutions.

At Protecnic we have been applying our experience and knowledge of plastic extrusion to the production of ambour doors that serve as enclosures for cupboards for years. And it is precisely the security of the closure of this type of cabinets that is another of the advantages provided by each tambour door.

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