Textile designs, the best for the interior lining of wardrobes

As every year, we review the major trends in the furniture and construction sector, one of the trends that has not been lacking for years is the use of textile designs for the interior lining of wardrobes.

The use of these designs that simulate textiles in texture, color and design, dress the interior of wardrobes and dressing room furniture, camouflaging among the clothes and providing that textile sensation to traditionally wooden pieces, thus creating an interior lining for wardrobes with panels textile imitation.

Colección textiles, ideal para el revestimiento de armarios

Textile designs have several things in common, always following current trends and despite the fact that every year we can find designs that break with what is already established, they have characteristics in common.

  • Neutral tones, neutral tones are the most used in this type of design, greys, whites, browns, etc... the color range of what we consider neutral is only distorted by coral, blue or pinkish tones.
  • Imitation of linen, linen continues to be one of the most used designs in the interior lining of wardrobes, the use of panels to line wardrobes with this type of design such as Lino Cancún by Finsa or Lino Canovas by Kronospan have become some of the most widely used linens for this type of covering.
  • New tones and subtones, to give a different appearance to the typical textile designs, such as the new Losán Molesquin designs with different shades, in green, gray or coral.

At the moment it seems that the interior lining of wardrobes with imitation textile finishes are not going to undergo a great revolution, but it is clear that textile designs are one of the trends for dressing rooms that are repeated year after year.

You can see all the countertyped designs in our cross-reference chart.

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