The three advantages of the adhesive screw cap cover

 When assembling a piece of furniture, it is essential to take into account all the elements and to take care of every last detail to ensure the best possible end result. From the materials and design of the melamine boards, to the fittings, without forgetting, of course, the plastic extrusion solutions that bring visual coherence to the whole assembly.

As far as plastic extrusion solutions are concerned, there is no doubt that PVC ABS edging is one of the most widespread in the furniture industry, but it also requires an adhesive screw cap cover as a travelling companion.

These trims are very useful and have three major advantages:

- They conceal the technical elements of the part

- They provide visual continuity to the piece

- They ensure a quality result

Thanks to our plastic extrusion lines and the experience of our specialists, at Protecnic we ensure that each adhesive screw cap cover fits perfectly with the design of the edging and the melamine board that will make up the final piece.

In that sense, that adhesive screw cap cover can be produced in the same extensive range of options as our ABS PVC edgebanding. These range from fantasy finishes to single-colour tones, from options that evoke the design of wood to those with an attractive metallic effect.

As a result of the constant work of our team, our catalogue of references now exceeds 6,000 references and continues to grow every month, keeping pace with the new products that board manufacturers are constantly launching on the market.

Consult our cross-reference chart to find the adhesive screw cap cover model that best matches the design of each melamine board. Don't hesitate to request our free sample book to find out what Protecnic can do for you.

We have been working closely with specialists in the furniture industry, who leave nothing to chance when it comes to shaping their furniture pieces, for more than 25 years. That's why they know they can rely on the experience and professionalism of our company.