Trends in special Edgebanding: new single-colour novelties in 2023

"Each person has his or her own colour, a hue whose light barely filters along the contours of the body. A kind of halo. Like figures seen against the light". The phrase is by the writer Haruki Murakami. And if, in his opinion, people have a colour, at Protecnic we have no doubt about the importance that different shades have on the aesthetics of melamine boards. And of the final piece of furniture they make up. That is why we adapt all our systems to generate special edgebandings, which are renewed every year.

In 2023, the trends are towards what we call 'uni-colour' designs, that means boards - and edges, of course - in the same shade smooth and homogeneous. Panel manufacturers are constantly innovating and we have been aligning ourselves with all their innovations for years.

For this reason, this season our catalogue has incorporated a large group of finishes, in which monochromatic options stand out, mimic down to the last detail with the tabletop models that the sector leaders have launched on the market in 2023. 

Here we would like to review the trends in special single-colour edgebandings, grouped by the most outstanding shades. In our cross-reference chart you can find all of them. And, moreover, in this list, you can see each board model together with its equivalent edgebanding in our PVC ABS edgebands sample book.You can request a copy free of charge.

Tendencias en Unicolores 2023

Descarga el listado de tendencias en melaminas unicolores para este año 2023