Types of melamine edges PVC or ABS?

Among the different types of melamine edges that we know from different blogs, such as melamine paper or natural wood veneer, the most commonly used options in the furniture industry are plastic materials, which are harder and more resistant than melamine paper or natural wood veneer.

The choice of the type of edge for melamine will depend on the use, quality and resistance that the final product will need, being able to choose different finishes. Many furniture manufacturers use different types of edges for the same piece of furniture, some thicker and more resistant edges for the visible part and others thinner and therefore less resistant for the back parts, we see this a lot in the construction of wardrobes or desks.

PVC tipo de tapacanto para melamina

In general, the most commonly used materials for edges are plastic materials, which give the final piece resistance and hardness to withstand scratches and friction. Among these plastic materials we see a majority use of PVC and ABS and, depending on the country, to a lesser extent PP (Polypropylene).

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), within the plastics is considered a thermoplastic, we can shape it while it is subjected to high temperatures and once cold it keeps the new shape, but maintaining the initial capabilities, hardness and strength, in the same way ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) works, so what is the difference?

The main difference without talking about appearance or properties is the price, PVC is cheaper than the ABS. In terms of the environment, although in construction the life span of this type of melamine upholstery is very long and recyclable, ABS is considered a green plastic, it takes less time to decompose and can be burned without causing harmful gas.

Are there any differences in manufacturing or use? No, there are no appreciable differences in manufacturing, they are materials that are treated the same, they respond the same to extrusion and printing, so we can get the same design in any of the materials. Nevertheless, ABS being a little lighter, could make the blades of the edging machine last longer, but this will depend on the good use that is given to it.

As a specialist plastics manufacturer, we can manufacture any design in PVC or ABS, you can request a free sample or cross reference any design on cross-reference chart.