White marble, intense wood and toffee, new options for edging PVC panels

Companies in the furniture industry innovate every year, offering new colours, designs and finishes. And both panel manufacturers and those of us involved in the production of plastic extrusion solutions need to ensure that when it comes to edging panels with PVC, the final aesthetics are exactly what they are looking for.

That's why we work closely with furniture manufacturers to ensure that we replicate to the millimetre any design they decide to include in their new catalogues. And we are constantly expanding our sample book of single-colour solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Recently, light-coloured veined marbles and intense woods have joined our catalogue, togheter with a smooth toffee-coloured shade


Marble has served as a raw material for art, mainly for architecture and sculpture, since the beginning of its history. In the field of furniture and decoration, it has also been a trend-setter for decades for its elegance and sensuality. One option for edging table tops with PVC that evokes the qualities of marble is the model that perfectly reproduces the design of the 6141 table-top from the Italian brand Puricelli.


Textile textures, on the other hand, convey warmth and create pieces of furniture with a distinct and unmistakable personality. For the designs K541 Tessea Greige and K542 Tessea Moka from the panel manufacturer Kronospan, our team specialising in plastic extrusion technology has developed a special printing roller to achieve a flawless result.


Wood is another classic in interior design and decoration. The wide variety of shades of nature serves as a source of inspiration for furniture manufacturers, from the softest to the most intense options. The latter category includes two of Kronospan's recent choices: Pluton and Riftwood.


The shade of yellow close to toasted caramel is known as toffee, referring to the creamy sweet made from syrup, caramel, butter and milk cream. Kronospan has named one of its latest designs K516 Toffee. And our specialised team has set to work to achieve the edging that replicates it to perfection.

At Protecnic we have been working for 25 years with the national and international furniture industry, fine-tuning our plastic extrusion lines to ensure that edging PVC edging boards is a simple and efficient process that produces the best possible end result.