Five qualities that efficient industrial dies share

Complex industrial projects require of efficient industrial dies and cutting die specialists. Moulds that ensure that every single plastic injection moulded part created with them meets the exact needs of the company and its products.

At Protecnic, we have a long experience in collaborating with industrial manufacturers, studying their technical requirements and providing the tools they need.

For this reason, we know that the most effective and long-lasting solutions are those that meet the following premises:

  • Precise technical design. Our engineering team uses advanced design and engineering software to accurately plan every detail of each mould to ensure the best possible outcome from plastic injection moulding processes.
  • Durable materials. The raw materials used to generate the matrices must be carefully selected for their quality and durability in order to maximise their useful life.
  • Advanced tools.At our industrial facilities in Castalla, we use CNC machining centres in all our projects, with which we guarantee the precision of every movement and every detail.
  • Quality control systems. Our team oversees every stage of the process checking and adjusting as necessary to ensure an optimal end result. All our industrial dies ensure a precise and meticulous manufacturing process.
  • Relationship of trust with the client. And if the entire technical aspect of the process is crucial, we cannot neglect the relationship of trust that we establish with our customers. We listen to what they need, collaborate intensively with their internal product teams and establish a close relationship that allows us to refine the final solution, gradually, at each step of the process, in a flexible manner.

Some of the projects in which we have applied our knowledge and experience in industrial dies and cutting dies include the TNK Flex professional chair. and the Badminton armchair by Actiu Dida chair chairs for educational environments by Federico Giner and Albert by the international manufacturer Kassani.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project in hand for which you need industrial engineering solutions.